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Course Offerings

Do not hesitate! It is time to sign up for one of the best and most informative Machinery and Technical valuing courses held in Australia.    REGISTER HERE!

ASA-Accredited Valuers provide the best valuation expertise in the market place in every appraisal discipline because ASA-Accredited Valuers bring experience and knowledge of the profession and a solid reputation to the job. ASA members are widely recognized experts. Many are pioneers in their fields.

Who has participated in American Society of Appraisers Education in Australia?

  • Finance companies
  • P & E Valuers
  • Many independent business owners from various industries

The dates for our next round of courses are:

ME201 – Introduction to Machinery & Equipment Valuations

October 9 – 11, 2017 | Melbourne, Victoria

This course will introduce appraisal terminology and concepts and provide students with a solid foundation for a career in appraisal of machinery and equipment.  This course covers ME field inspection techniques and safety; introduction to the issues of indexes in machinery and equipment appraising; basic pricing exercises for current and obsolete assets; ethics and professional standards.

Level: Intermediate | CE: 27 | Course: Classroom Group Live

ME202 – Machinery & Equipment Valuations Methodology

October 12 – 14, 2017 | Melbourne, Victoria

The objective of this course is to explore in depth the ideas introduced in ME201 and provide students with a better understanding of the types of value commonly used in the appraisal of machinery and equipment.  ME202 addresses the issues of price vs. value, indirect costs, use of and development of indexes, age-life concepts and much more.

Level: Intermediate | CE: 27 | Course: Classroom Group Live

ME203 – Machinery & Equipment Valuations – Advanced Topics & Case Studies

February 5 – 8, 2017 | Melbourne, Victoria

This course will introduce the student to more advanced concepts and techniques than those taught in ME201 and ME202.  A review of case studies illustrating a range of operating entities will be employed.  This course will also explore exponential pricing techniques, cost estimation, reproduction vs. replacement costs, quantifying functional obsolescence and more.

Level: Intermediate | CE: 30 | Course: Classroom Group Live

ME204 – Advanced Topics & Report Writing

May 7 – 10 2017 | Melbourne, Victoria

The objective of this course is to apply all the knowledge gained in the previous courses to the valuing of facilities and the completion of a professional appraisal report. ME204 also provides a comprehensive review of the concepts studied in ME201-203.

Level: Intermediate | CE: 30 | Course: Classroom Group Live

MTS Registration Form and Accommodation Information

Secure your place! Register NOW!

Accommodation Information Hotel Grand Chancellor, Melbourne

SE100 : 15-Hour USPAP Course – Are you USPAP Compliant?  Choose the USPAP course dates that are right for you ….

With the requirement that USPAP is to be renewed every 2-years and to assist Candidates and ASA members in staying up-to-date, there are 2-course offerings for 2017.  Select your dates, February or May, and download a Registration Form.

September 9 – 10 2017 | Melbourne, Victoria (Register)

February 9-10, 2018 | Melbourne, Victoria (Register)

Course Overview:

This course will familiarise students with the regconised standards governing professional appraisals and is approved by the Appraisal Standards Board of the Appraisal Foundation in the United States. You will be provided a current Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) book and student manual. Your participation in this course will allow you to fulfill your 15-Hour USPAP requirement for two (2) years.

Classes Dates:  Classes will meet for two-days at Hotel Grand Chancellor, Melbourne

CE: 14 | Course: Instructional Hours & 1 Exam Hour

September  2017 Offering Registration and Accommodation

February 2018 Offering Registration and Accommodation

ME208 – Marine Survey Class

August 28-30 2017 | Melbourne, Victoria

Discover the appraisal side of the marine industry – Do you know the three approaches to value as they apply to marine appraisals?

ASA’s Marine Survey is a three-day class presented by Mr. Norman F. Laskay, ASA, which was designed for the non-marine professional who wants basic knowledge of the industry, and for the marine professional who wants to learn more about the appraisal of yachts and sea going vessels including Blue-water and Brown-water equipment.

Norman F. Laskay, ASA, a designated member of the Society for more than 25 years, is a veteran marine appraiser/surveyor and of council for Metairie, LA based Dufour, Laskay & Strouse, Inc. and a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

Secure your place!  Register Now for this class today!!

Level: Intermediate | CE: 24 | Course: Classroom Group Live

Registration Form and Accommodation Information